October 27, 2014: The Bad Word That’s Still a Bad Word

As a kid growing up, I thought “shut up”, “butt”, and “sucks” were bad words. I think they’ve all become common day language now. Words I still don’t think are appropriate seem to roll off the tongues of the masses without a single thought or even receiving the shocked look of yesterday.

Words that would have gotten you landed in ISS in my school days won’t even get your parents called today. In fact, words that could have gotten you into a lot of trouble 25-30 years ago are on prime time national television and even in commercials.

But across all social classes and all neighbors in America, one bad word remains “bad”. It’s the dreaded “C” word. It’s a word you never want to hear, and it doesn’t seem to ever come naturally off your tongue.

Last week that dreaded word became my reality. I’ve had to say it more times than I care to. I’ve had to hear it more times than I ever wanted to. It’s a very painful word. Sometimes more painful to the ones I have to tell than it is to me to hear.

I have cancer. The worst word in my vocabulary. Breast cancer changes how I feel about the color pink. It might become my favorite color after green. :)) Seriously, I’m very grateful to everyone who’s donated through the breast cancer association. Through your donations have come so much knowledge increasing my chances (and others like me) of survival. Thank you doesn’t seem like enough today.

But I have a ton of great words that will help me cope and manage through the bad words. I have a God I have great faith in at the top of my word bank. I pray He uses this storm for His glory & that through my journey many will be saved by His mercy and grace. I have a husband tough as nail on the outside and soft and kind on the inside. I have 5 amazing children I know will stand tall and make me proud through this war. They are all full of a word called humor. Laughter is great medicine. I have words like family, friends and coworkers who flood my army with support on every flank. And I have strangers called prayer warriors who’ve already began speaking to God on my behalf.

The storm was brewing before I could ever feel or see it, but God was proactive and placed the aid and support at my finger tips. He has spent the last few years preparing my body, my mind, my emotions, and mostly my spirit for this epic storm. I will dance until I’m too cold and soaked to make another move, and then y’all will hold me up to dance another turn. We will all dance until the sky produces a beautiful rainbow, and the sun shines through pushing all remnants of the storm away.

Remember my child there’s beauty before, during, and after the storm if you only look at it through the correct lens called perspective.

Please keep my precious family, my medical team, my friends & coworkers, and me in your prayers over the next few weeks. I still have a couple of tests to go through before my surgery will be scheduled. God has granted me great peace and a wonderful support system. For this I am so thankful!

Thank you.


About courage2conquercancer

At the age of 40, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. This is an account of my journey from my discovery and beyond.
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