November 7, 2014: Children and Blessings

I’m feeling so much better today even if my voice has still been mostly silenced. That made teaching a little more interesting today. Thank goodness for awesome students and an interventionist who became my voice most of the day.

Yesterday, after K’Lee’s performance in her high school’s musical, Grease, I was told to go to Chelsye’s house to pick something up for Jonathan. I walked in the door and at the top of the stairs was my grandbaby, Micaiah! His Grammy had driven him up here from Houston to see me. My heart was overflowing with love and thanksgiving! I can’t thank her enough.

Then today, Jonathan brought Micaiah and lunch to school, so I could have more time to hang out with them. I showed Micaiah off. He couldn’t have been a bigger charmer! He laughed and smiled at everyone. Proud Nonna moment! 🙂

I survived the work day and came home to put the little guy asleep. There is something so incredibly peaceful, calming, and amazing about putting a baby to sleep. A sleeping Micaiah in my arms is great therapy!

K’Lee is back onstage tonight, and JT will be dancing the night away at a school dance. I’m thankful for their busy schedules right now. 

Through the praise of children and infants you have established a stronghold against your enemies,
to silence the foe and the avenger. – Psalm 8:2

I’m thankful for my children, my students and my infant grandson for helping me reestablish my stronghold against my enemy and for silencing the foe and avenger.

I’m also thankful for my husband’s constant support. He’s gone out of his way a million times already to ease this situation for me. Many of the things he does is done in the shadows; and when given the chance, he’ll give someone else the credit. I love him more and more everyday!

I’m thankful for my special relationship with my big girls’ mom and family. I’ve felt so much support and love from them already. It’s amazing how God allows all that to happen.

I’m thankful for my friend, Heidi, who’s offered her advice and so many answers to such hard questions. Great hope comes from survivors!

Continue steadfastly in prayer, being watchful in it with thanksgiving. – Colossians 4:2


About courage2conquercancer

At the age of 40, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. This is an account of my journey from my discovery and beyond.
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