November 16, 2014: Ordinary People doing Extraordinary Things

I doubt I’ll ever be able to express my gratitude to those who have already helped my family and me. Just as I start to stress and worry about things, God places my needs (and even my wants) at my feet by using ordinary people just like so many of you.

My teammate, Aubrey, has taken on the grisly task of lesson plans for the last few weeks and will help my long term sub. Unless you are somehow intertwined into the world of teaching, you have no idea how difficult and time-consuming of a task this is. She’s relieved so much stress, and I am so thankful!

On Friday my third grade team (Amber, Des & Stacia) and my 5th grade team lead (Stefanie) threw me a mastectomy party. The thought and love that went into each gift blew me away! From the scents of the ocean (they know me well) to the pillows I didn’t even think about needing to the specially designed sweatshirt and button down shirts I’ll actually be able to wear. I can’t imagine going through this journey without these women! 

To my entire staff for the gift card that will help my family out with so many little things we take for granted that become huge expenses when you aren’t accustom to having more people at your house or a wife/mommy down for months and unable to contribute in hardly any way. Thank you!

Tessa brought Micaiah to see me again. I know packing a baby up for the weekend can be a pain, so I’m very grateful for the time put into getting him ready to come here. I love my Caiah time, and it was also nice to spend a few minutes with Tessa and to meet Teven. I loved having all my babies at my house! Hold tight to your children and grandchildren!

On Friday evening, we were hanging out with Chelsye and Pablo, and the topic of me needing a recliner came up. We don’t have room for a recliner in our tiny living room, but more and more people kept saying I’d need one. Jon just wanted to buy one, but money isn’t something we have to throw around at the moment, so I wasn’t fond of spending money on something I might use for a couple of months. Chelsye immediately called her PawPaw who was more than willing to lend me one. Jon & Chelsye traded PawPaw time with Micaiah for the recliner on Saturday. What a gift!

While Jon & Chelsye were gone for the recliner, K’Lee, JT, and Tristan cleaned out the garage and moved my overstuffed chair out there. They helped me wrap it in sheets in hopes of keeping it clean. I wouldn’t have been able to do that without them.

On Monday afternoon, I will have to pay thousands of dollars to my breast surgeon. Normally, that thought alone would totally freak me out, but thanks to Chelsye and Jon’s efforts to set up the fundraiser and the multiple people who have donated funds, the exact amount I need is sitting in my bank account. How awesome is that?!?! I know on Thursday more expenses will come, but tomorrow’s bills have been paid because of all your contributions. Thank you doesn’t even seem adequate, but I’m as grateful as is humanly possible. 

My family has broken down this weekend. We’ve cried. Tempers have flown. We’ve voiced our irritation at each other. We’ve had to find time for ourselves. We’ve laughed. We’ve spent quality time together. It might be harder some days to be the ones who don’t have cancer than the one who does. Cancer can be scary, and fear can be expressed in a variety of different ways. Some days I feel guilty, and other days I just want to shake them all until they realize that right now in this moment – I’m okay! And then they hug me. They kiss me. They help out around the house. They apologize. They get along. And I know all these emotions driving me crazy are really because they love me so much the fear of losing me is too great to deal with rationally.

Ruth 1:8
… May the Lord reward you for your kindness … (NLT)


About courage2conquercancer

At the age of 40, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. This is an account of my journey from my discovery and beyond.
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