December 6, 2014: 2 Weeks Post-Op

1. I no longer need 24 hour a day care. I’ve gained some independence, but I still couldn’t go 24 hours without assistance. I’m still dependent on my caregivers off and on throughout the day just to function.

2. My first “walk” after surgery was a total of maybe 25 yards…maybe. I went for a 1.5 mile walk with my mom around the neighborhood today. Progress!

3. I no longer have any foreign bodies hanging off of me. The drains are gone. Happy dance without any bouncing, of course.

4. I’m able to shower! Yippee!!! This has made me happy, happy, happy!

5. Not being able to shave under my arms or use deodorant is still an obstacle I’ve yet to be allowed to overcome. Yick!

6. All the tape is off my body. I still have sterile strips over my 3 incisions, but those haven’t itched so they are okay.

7. I’ve been able to start some arm exercises. I get to squeeze a pink breast cancer awareness stress ball which gives me some satisfaction. It’s like I’m allowed to squeeze cancer to death! Grrr! If only that was possible, I’d squeeze that ball until all cancer cells on earth were destroyed! I also get to do these pendulum arm circles. I get to do bigger circles on my right side and more outward movements since no lymph nodes were removed over there. Since this is the side I had shoulder surgery on earlier this year, these little exercises bring tremendous relief. By the way, I would never recommend having shoulder surgery and a double mastectomy with restoration 9 months apart. I’m basically having to start physical therapy on my shoulder all over again. My right arm is allowed tiny pendulum circles and small outward movements, but it is still very tender and gets very angry at me.

8. My husband no longer needs an entire sheet of paper to record all the meds I take throughout the day. This had been a nearly full time job. In fact, I’ve finished my antibiotic, so it’s completely gone now. The bad thing is the antibiotic caused another infection, so I had to add another med and some probiotics to try and solve that problem. Ugh! I don’t feel like I’m drugged, dazed, and confused all day either. I don’t need muscle relaxers and pain medication all day long either. The pain is way better! I’d call what I feel 98% of the time now discomfort.

9. Insomnia is still a problem, but I might have been born with that issue. I have moved from sleeping in a recliner to the couch and last night in my own bed! I’ve also gone from sleeping in 2 hour increments to 4 hours and now I’m to about 6 hours.

10. I can write again. Yay! I’m starting to comprehend more and more of what I hear and read, so I’m excited about this! I have a huge book list I’d love to start marking titles off of.

11. I still can’t drive, but I try to get someone to drive me somewhere at least once a day even if I never get out of the car.

12. I put on some makeup today. It was difficult. My hair remains all pulled back in a ponytail most of the time.

13. The Dallas Cowboys won! Yes, I know this has nothing to do with my progress, but it’s something that has changed over the course of the past 2 weeks.

14. I’ve gone from not even thinking of having to go through chemo to scheduled surgery for a port on Dec. 12th and my first chemo treatment on Dec. 16th. This does not make me happy by the way. God has a plan, and I hope He lets me see the rainbow from this storm because it is honestly one I didn’t want to have to go through.

15. Jon purchased a wig, wig stands (yes, you must have 2 different kinds), special hair products for the wig, and some turbons (because I just don’t look good in any of the hats we tried) for me today. I about died when she told him the total! I’m thinking I should have just tried to pull of the “bald is beautiful” campaign like so many famous people have managed to get away with. We did manage to laugh and have a good time at the wig store, but it was still something I wished I wouldn’t have had to have done.

16. I think I’m caught up on thank you cards. If I’ve missed you, please know that I am forever grateful for you!

17. My Moma has been here this week. She’s helped with so many things around the house and with me. She even made JT a birthday cake. He did eat the first piece before we were even able to sing “Happy Early Birthday” to the little turkey. She goes home tomorrow. I will miss our late night visits. She will probably be thankful to go to bed early without all my talking!

18. I’ve worn real clothes (well, if a windsuit counts as real clothes anyway) out in public a couple of times this week. The rest of the time, I’m still hanging out in my pajamas.

19. I was able to see my students today thanks to technology. We had a short FaceTime visit. It was wonderful to see all their smiling faces.

20. I’m reading through our church’s Advent Reading Plan. It reminds me I’m not alone, this is not without a higher purpose, and Jesus (along with many others) suffered a lot more than I can even imagine.

I pray you each have a great weekend. I’m going to attempt going to watch my son play in his first rugby tournament of the season.


About courage2conquercancer

At the age of 40, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. This is an account of my journey from my discovery and beyond.
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