February 1, 2015: Sister Therapy

My oldest sister, Cindy, and my niece, McKenzie, flew from Colorado to help me celebrate the end of The Red Devil & Evil Twin chemo sessions. I’d love to tell you I was full of energy and highly entertaining, but the poisons inside my body just didn’t allow much of that. We did get to spend hours talking and laughing though.

Mac & K’Lee completed makeovers on each other. That was interesting. Cindy and I just enjoyed the giggles coming from upstairs and the teenage words used to describe the new looks.  

  Cindy didn’t seem to mind sitting on my couch watching my travel shows to far away beaches. We even went on our own house hunt in my neighborhood. For some reason, I couldn’t see the beach from any of the houses we drove by. Not even the million dollar ones outside my current neighborhood. But we still had a great time narrowing down our choices and picking our house as if we were actually on the show.

There is a greater plan in the making behind the scenes that’s bringing my extended family all together. Hopefully, we can make it easier for women who have to go through all this and for the many people who support them. I’d wish this journey on no one, but I pray God grants us the resources and ability to do good for others and lessen the stress and anxiety of those who have to follow in my footsteps. In the end, we will celebrate the journey forever changing each one of us. Please pray God continues to light our vision in a way that will glorify Him as we seek to serve and help others. Hopefully, more news about all of this will be coming soon.

All in all, I’m doing much better. The nausea monster has returned this weekend. Boo! Hiss! I get really tired and need to rest a lot. My new side effect has been this annoying ringing in my ears. I have a cold or allergies which just tries to make me feel miserable. We feel like these two things might be contributing to my inability to walk a straight line. My equilibrium is a little off. So please don’t judge me if you see me walking around.

I’m looking forward to extra days away from chemo. I hope that weather lets me get out and walk some and my body grows strong and I gain strength. I have a feeling God has great things in store for me in the next few weeks.

Cindy, thanks for coming, for listening, for talking, for dreaming, and for being with me this weekend. No stress. No fuss. No drama. Loved it! We will have to take walks between now and the next time we actually get to see each other, but we have lots to plan now. Love you!




About courage2conquercancer

At the age of 40, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. This is an account of my journey from my discovery and beyond.
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