January 19, 2015: Cancer Has Taught Me . . .

Cancer has taught me to try new foods. Foods I used to dislike have become some of my go-to foods when everything else has tasted bad. Examples: fried dill pickles & vegetables soaked in vinegar water

Cancer has taught me to never look at people with that pitiful “I feel sorry for you look”. I hate when people give me that look. Smile at people instead. When people smile at me, I smile back. Guess what happens next? We both part feeling better inside.

Cancer has taught me to ask people questions even if they are strangers. I’d rather you ask me if I have cancer than to stare at me or whisper about me. I’m not afraid to talk about it.

Cancer has taught me to let go of the little things. The majority of the things we stress over really aren’t worth it.

Cancer has taught me city folks can love and care for their own just as well as country folks. I was brought up to believe the people in small towns were more giving, loving, and supportive than people in big cities. I can prove you wrong. My “city folks” have given and given and continue to give to me.

Cancer has taught me we should spend more time making our insides beautiful than our outsides. Our hair, faces, and body parts can quickly be taken away. Once it’s all stripped away, the “real you” is all that remains.

Cancer has taught me your mind is a very powerful tool. Positive thoughts truly equal a more positive experience.

Cancer has taught me chemo makes me feel much sicker than cancer ever did.

Cancer has taught me I’d rather suffer through pain than nausea.

Cancer has taught me a supportive spouse who fights this battle right beside you is worth much more than gold or oil or other “precious” metals/gems.

Cancer has taught me to be a forceful and generous giver instead of asking what someone might need. Some of the greatest gifts have come from people who’ve forced them upon me or have given with statements like “I felt like God was telling me you needed this” or “We felt like this was what you needed most” or “Your eyes tell me this is what you need”. Those have all been things I could have never asked someone for either because I felt ashamed or because I thought I was asking too much of someone.

Cancer has taught me what we need some days are conversation, silence, a date with our spouse, time with our kids, a day without hearing “cancer”, food that taste good, something to drink that isn’t water, a day without chapped lips, a long hot shower or bath, hours in our pajamas without a hat on, all dressed up and feeling beautiful, a moment to laugh, time to fall apart and cry, a long walk on a warm day, a fire on a cold day…to feel normal.

Cancer has taught me to live each day as if it is my last and to value only that which is truly important once life ends.


About courage2conquercancer

At the age of 40, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. This is an account of my journey from my discovery and beyond.
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4 Responses to January 19, 2015: Cancer Has Taught Me . . .

  1. Cancer has certainly given you godly wisdom and you share this beautifully.


  2. Debb Stanton says:

    Hi – I’m another breast cancer survivor. I wanted to let you know that your writing is beautiful and very truthful. Thanks for encouraging us – both survivors and those wanting to know more about cancer.


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