February 20, 2015: God Lights the Path

God placed a specular verse on my heart this morning – Psalm 118:24. I sadly realized how many days of my life I found more things to gripe about than I found things to praise God for. I’d love to say I’m a completely changed woman, but I failed to find much positive early this week. I’m still a work in progress. Today, I have so much to praise God for even in the midst of some unpredictable and less than ideal situations.

Psalm 139 really speaks to me tonight. I especially love the part where it speaks of God going before me, being behind me, and being a part of me. Even in the darkness, He sees everything as if it’s the brightest part of the day. As I waited for God to speak to me tonight, this is where He led me. I found such comfort and relief in these verses. God knew before I was born I would have to fight this battle. He put me exactly where I needed to be, so I could be treated by some of the nation’s best surgeons and excellent doctors, nurses, and staff in general. He surrounded me by coworkers who are a shining example of Christ.They have given and given and given and continue to give in such love. Their blessings have come in every size and shape. Even a seemingly bad situation has now seemed like such a blessing as my husband has been able to be my caretaker. Not an easy job at times and definitely not a glamorous one, yet he’s done it with a patience, kindness, and gentleness that’s beyond amazing. God gave me a support system of other women who’ve walked before me and who are walking with me. It’s such a precious gift to have other women you can ask questions who actually “get” you. They understand things few others can. It’s a huge advantage to be open throughout the journey. I’ve become closer to my family. There’s something about needing your family when your world comes crashing down around you. It might be as simple as a text message or phone call to more complex like a long trip just to be here, a connection so hard to put into words, or a very expensive apple pie. 🙂 God planted my friends around me. Some of them have roots nearly 40 years old and others may not have had but months to twist their way in and around the others, but I can tell you they’ve held me together on some days I thought I might fall into a million pieces. There are also these strangers. Some I will never ever know who they even were. Some I’ve gotten to know along the way and would even call friends. And some are just now entering the scene. I’m sure they are right on time and perfectly planned. God always has a plan, and it is always good.

About courage2conquercancer

At the age of 40, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. This is an account of my journey from my discovery and beyond.
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