March 17, 2015: Abraxane Take One

Day of Treatment – made it through the treatment without any issues. I don’t take the anti-nausea meds in the premed cocktail because we’ve discovered it is what was causing the restless leg issues, so I had to take anti nausea meds on Thursday evening. I can live with that.

Friday – Dehydration set in. I got flushed and turned bright red as if I had been out in the sun too long. I was a little fatigued too.

Saturday – I had to go back on anti nausea meds, and I felt pretty tired. I was still able to do some things with my family though.

Sunday – I was still having to take anti nausea meds, and the crybaby emotional person I hate came to visit. Ugh! Add feeling like I’m about to burst to all that too. All kinds of yucky!

Monday – More anti nausea meds to take. I must pause and state this is still better than AC chemo but feeling like you’re going to throw up is never a good feeling. Feeling like you might do it in front of your 20 or so 5th graders is even worse! I survived. The flushed look was back in style on this day.

Tuesday – Do you want to know why I’m still not allowed to wear jewelry, especially rings? Because I woke up with one really fat hand and fingers this morning. Thankfully, the swelling disappeared by mid morning. Attacking joint pain came to visit today. Wow! I haven’t felt so stiff and sore in a very long time. It was a pretty miserable day. The good news is it started getting better this evening, so I’m hoping that part is over. And I came home and didn’t feel completely exhausted. Yay!

Wednesday – I should feel awesome. It’s a little gift God gives me, so I will return on Thursday for another round. smile emoticon


Just some random stuff:

I haven’t slept through the night in about 4 months. Most nights I never sleep more than 2 hours at a time. It’s like having a newborn all over again without having a bundle of screaming joy. smile emoticon

I’m still suffering from hot flashes horribly at night. This appears to be my biggest nemesis lately.

The days filled with sunshine were awesome and great for my psyche. I needed all that Vitamin D.

Both our sets of parents and our grandbaby came to visit, so I feel well loved.

As my eyebrows and eyelashes fall out, my other hair is coming back. I’ve been told not to grow attached to it, but it’s still exciting to see it all attempting to grow again.

My attitude has suffered lately. I could probably blame a lot of things, but instead I’m going to back up and punt. I still have so much to be thankful for, and I fear I lost track of much of that. It’s time to refocus, count my blessings, do some more good in the world, and thank God for one more day every day. I wouldn’t be here if there wasn’t a greater purpose for all of this, right?

Please keep me in your prayers, or send your positive vibes my way, as I look towards a much healthier and cancer free future.

Jeremiah 29:13 – If you look for me wholeheartedly, you will find me.

God has a plan, and whatever it is and however it works out and whenever I figure it out, it is, it will be, and it was all good!



About courage2conquercancer

At the age of 40, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. This is an account of my journey from my discovery and beyond.
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