March 2, 2015: Taxol at a Glance

Since I will only have one round of Taxol, I figure I should share the after math of this type of chemo before it evaporates into the fog we all call “chemo brain”.

I kept waiting for the life to drain out of me as it did during AC chemo, but it never happened.

I was extremely tired when I got home from chemo on Thursday, but I did pretty good on energy on Friday until about 24 hours after my treatment had ended. That’s when fatigue gut checked me. I stayed pretty tired most of the weekend and even into today.
The first night I was so itchy!

Friday around 11am, my face flushed. This continued off and on throughout the weekend. I even got a little rash but it was short lived.

The metallic taste was gone by Friday evening and hasn’t returned.

My urine bubbled! Yes, I was that toxic on Thursday night.

I got a nasty fever blister. Not fun, but the meds worked fast.

I’m really thirsty. I drink a lot more than even when I had AC chemo which was a lot. I can’t seem to stay on top of the dehydration though because my lips and skin are dried out pretty bad.

My head hurts. This might be from the sinus infection though.

My body aches. I feel like an old lady. It’s like I have the flu or I fell off a horse.

Both my ears ache, but this is for sure caused by the sinus infection. The drainage, sore throat, & cough are all bundled into this too.

My toes tingled and were numb one day, but that’s gone away and hasn’t come back.

My fingers, on the other hand, have had their numb and tingling moments. This isn’t a constant issue. It comes and goes. Sometimes it’s extremely painful and other times I barely notice it. It’s an odd feeling though.

I’ve had some nausea, but I hate to complain about it since it’s a fraction of AC chemo nausea.

Emotional roller coaster ride occurred from Thursday night until Sunday evening. Thank goodness for my amazing husband. I felt better emotionally today.

I’ve notice the brain fog a lot more with Taxol. People speak. I think I respond. Obviously I don’t. We can laugh about this now. It was extremely frustrating in the beginning though. Comprehension was a struggle for a couple of days. Sunday I went to church. I’m not sure I could tell you what it was about. Today, I’ve been able to read short articles and get the gist of them and this evening I could concentrate enough to write all of this, so I think it’s improving. I’m hoping the new drug will be better because this battle of the mind is a lot harder on me than just puking my guts up.

For the record, so I don’t forget this part, NO RESTLESS LEG! I just want to kiss Dr. Krekow for withholding that anti nausea drug! Y’all just have no idea what a relief this has been!!!

Just on a side note: my hair is really starting to grow back. I had to actually shave my legs for real! I’ve never been so excited to have to shave my legs before. I can see actual hair, not just stubble, on the top of my head. The bad part of this is it is more than likely short lived and is actually a result of my chemo vacation. I will probably lose all this new growth by round 3 of this series of chemo. That’s okay. It gives me hope. My hair still grows fast. It’s going to be okay. Besides, I’m getting used to the bald look.

I had to take today off to deal with the sinus infection, but I’m already feeling better. My daughter, on the other hand, is running a fever and isn’t feeling well at all. I pray she gets better soon. The bad part about being a mommy with cancer is having to tell your kids to stay away when they are sick and don’t feel good. I didn’t do that today. She laid beside me before I knew she was running a fever. She needed me. I needed to be there for her. Sometimes, you’re a mommy first and a cancer patient second. I pray God keeps watch over us both.


About courage2conquercancer

At the age of 40, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. This is an account of my journey from my discovery and beyond.
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