April 24, 2015: The Day in the Life of a Chemo Patient

Nausea sucks! Nothing else needs to be said here. 

Shakiness – I don’t like this feeling. 

Sleepy medication that causes nightmares that keep you up for the next three days never need to be taken again. Some things don’t deserve 2nd chances. 

Hot flashes are gone only to be replaced by night sweats. Night sweats are gross, but don’t make me nauseated. I’ll pick night sweats. 

I slept really good from about 4:30am to 9am or so. Then some naps here and there. Catching up on my sleep today. 

I forgot to take my meds until about eleven. Headache consequence to follow. 

My hair is long enough to lay flat now. More progress. It’s still full of lots of wisdom. Alaina will work her magic on all of that soon enough. 

I have a sore throat. I’m hoping it is only allergies brought on by the rain. I don’t have time to be sick on top of chemo. 

I have a case manager now, Cindy. Better late than never. 

When your bill becomes outrageously high in less than 6 months, you get a social worker. They secretly hope you’ve quit your job or your spouse has quit on you because being responsible doesn’t make it easy for them to get you help. That’s sad. 

I think I’ve drank 12 Propels so far today. A little dehydrated today it seems. 

K’Lee informed me I’m no longer yellow. What a relief! Now, I just look tired. Maybe that’s because I am. 🙂

I craved sweet things today. That’s bad. Cancer thrives off sugar. 

Kristi and I are hard at work. We can’t wait to release more information soon. 

Please say a special prayer for our family over the next few days for positive changes in our lives. 

About courage2conquercancer

At the age of 40, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. This is an account of my journey from my discovery and beyond.
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