April 29, 2015: Count Your Blessings One By One

As the evening has progressed, this childhood tune has played over and over in my head. God at work in me, no doubt. 

Blessing Counting From Today Only:

*My team at Spring Garden which includes my long-term sub. These women are AMAZING!

*My entire SGE family – if they gave out awards for School Campus of the Year, this one is by far the most deserving! They do unto others (students, staff, families, community) as they would want done unto them. I have lots and lots of data to support this too!

*My Moma – thank you for our phone chat. 

*My sisters – thanks for the distractions and projects to work on to allow me to feel useful. 

*Stacia – the pizza was a great stress relief & having you come visit was an awesome treat! Thank you!

*A free book in the mail. 

*Janet – once again, your card with its mystery word of encouragement arrived right on time. Thank you. 

*No hospital stay for me! 

*There truly comes a point on your insurance when you are considered maxed out and the bills are paid in full. I reached it today with drugs. No co-pays!

*A sonogram picture of my future grandbaby. 

*A picture of my grandbaby crawling into his car seat with the quote “I guess he’s ready to head to Nonna’s.”

*Peanut was a free range dog today in our house & didn’t destroy anything. She hasn’t adjusted well to being an only dog. Poor girl. (No, we don’t need another dog)

*A gift from someone I’ve never met because of someone I know well. I think that’s called the circle of love. 

*I’ve prayed for a way to bless one of my friends’ life as she’s out of the country. Today, God opened that door. I feel so blessed. Thank you, Malissa. (If ever you’ve been overly blessed when you have so little to give in return, you understand how beautiful this is.)

*An adult complimented me on my children for their better than adult-like manners. Best parent compliment ever!

*The sun was shining today. 

*I didn’t have to do dishes or cook dinner. 

*Prayers from so many people – thank you all!

*The ability to rant about my 3 trips to the pharmacy – sometimes you just need to vent. 

*My husband who takes great care of me even from a distance. 

*Locking my keys inside the Jeep. My country girl skills and the fact I’m still flexible than most women my age paid off & no one called the police on me. 

*The biggest blessing of all is my faith in God. He blesses me with courage, with hope, with strength, and with His promise that the best part of my life is yet to come. 

About courage2conquercancer

At the age of 40, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. This is an account of my journey from my discovery and beyond.
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