May 1, 2015: Chemo Vacation

Every time I’ve gone on “chemo vacation”, I’ve been so excited. I’ve told myself how wonderful it’s going to be to not have to go through the nausea, the fatigue, and the bone pain. I’ve looked forward to a week of not missing any days at work with my school “kids” and have hoped for “normal days”. Instead, “chemo vacation” has come with some of my sickest weeks of this journey and most missed days off work. The good news is I’m still bouncing back. I’m still getting better. Next week when I’m back on chemo, I will feel better than I do on this week without chemo. It sounds crazy, but it’s true. Each round of chemo is closing the gap until I’m finished with this part of my treatment plan in June though. I’m marking “chemo” off in black Sharpie so no part of the word shows and it’s unreadable when they officially tell me chemo is history!

As for pneumonia, being responsible paid off and I’m pretty sure I’m going to avoid that bad boy! I had pneumonia once healthy, so I feel no need to repeat history while being unhealthy. I still have a cough & I have to rest more often than I’d like, but I don’t feel as bad as I have the past 3 days. 

Healthy vs Unhealthy – I’m really starting to question these two words we use to define ourselves. In September of 2014, I would have told you I was healthy. In reality, a tumor was growing inside of me. Obviously, I wasn’t healthy. I’d be considered by most, even myself, to be unhealthy today; yet I’m much healthier in many areas of my life than I’ve ever been. I suppose it’s all about one’s perspective.  

My randomness – wow! I think I’ll stop here before I start talking about…hey, there’s a chicken!

About courage2conquercancer

At the age of 40, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. This is an account of my journey from my discovery and beyond.
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3 Responses to May 1, 2015: Chemo Vacation

  1. Good luck on the round! Hoping you feel better soon and the next one doesn’t knock you down too much! You will be in my prayers!


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