May 15,2015: Abraxane #8

Knocked out by Abraxane #8. I haven’t suffered from nausea like this since AC Chemo in January, and my finger tips are all suffering from neuropathy.  My body and chemo just don’t like to cooperate with one another. As soon as chemo enters in, my body wants to get rid of it. My body has always been that way. Well, except for soda. It would let me consume toxic amounts of soda and reward me with energy after every single one. Sinful!

The good news is going into chemo my blood levels were all sitting steady. My red blood cells are still way down there, but my white blood cells ran normal. I think that says a lot for my mighty immune fighters. I mean we nearly destroyed every white cell inside of me during AC chemo, and now these guys are back in full force and are some hearty soldiers. It’s amazing to me how God designed our bodies to quickly mass produce cells to heal and mend us. I won’t quite ever understand the destruction of cells at that same rapid speed though. 

Today’s a new day. A day to rest and give these cells a chance to restore. I’m so thankful I can trust my most amazing team to pick up my slack at school and take care of my students. They’ve proven it all year long. This group of ladies are amazing women! I think God for each of them. I feel so special to have been placed at Spring Garden surrounded by a support system unlike any I’ve ever experience before!

I only have 4 more rounds of chemo remaining. Those little numbers keep sounding better and better. I know it’s not “the end” of surgeries and treatment, but saying “goodbye” to chemo is going to be a huge celebration for this girl! I will be going to a beach somewhere even if I have to steal my own keys and runaway all by myself! :))

It’s going to be a better day. God has told me He has a plan, and it is good. This is part of it, so there’s goodness here somewhere. (Probably when my eyes are closed and I’m actually sleeping)

Have a great Friday Everyone!

About courage2conquercancer

At the age of 40, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. This is an account of my journey from my discovery and beyond.
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