May 17, 2015: Abraxane Round 8

Abraxane Round #8 has not been kind to me. The nausea has been back. I’m very weak and have had to sleep a lot of my weekend away. Probably because of the anti nausea meds. I haven’t had problems with uncontrollable watery eyes for a while, but it’s returned mostly in my right eye. Which brings me to another one of my curiosity questions. 

Do all of us going through chemo have a weaker eyelid? I’ve noticed after every round of chemo my right eyelid is droopy, and I have no control of it. Sometimes it will become so weak it won’t open. This is also my most teary eye. I’m sure there’s a medical explanation. 

For the first time through all of this, I’ve suffered with neuropathy in all of my fingers. My fingertips were numb and stung like they’d been out in the cold without gloves too long. Thankfully, the pain was short lived. They aren’t as numb today. The nurse said with it starting so late, we will probably be able to just monitor them without having to go to soaking them in ice during treatment. 

I know this will sound crazy, but be thankful for your normal, healthy tongues. The sores, cracks, and fuzzy like yeast make it hard to taste, eat, and drink. 

The good news is my rounds of chemo are getting closer and closer to being over. I only have four more to go. Yay!

About courage2conquercancer

At the age of 40, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. This is an account of my journey from my discovery and beyond.
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