May 28, 2015: Thank You!

It’s a crazy time of year; and even though I’ve had lots to say, I’ve found no words to express it all. I’m attempting tonight knowing I still can’t say all that I mean. 

The donations continued to come in today for the car wash putting the amount raised at $3253! Thank you doesn’t even seem adequate, but “thank you” to everyone involved in every way. This added amount pays off another medical bill. Such relief!

Today, I went in for my labs. As amazing as this sounds, my white blood cells have stayed within the “normal range” for 13 weeks now. That’s pretty unheard of when you’re going through chemo. (so I’ve been told) I call this an answered prayer. My red blood cells continue to climb back up and were almost to “normal” today.

This has been my first “chemo vacation” that I haven’t been sick. Thank you to all you prayer warriors for praying me through this week. Another answered prayer!

I can read a million words and write a million more; but when it comes to speaking in front of adults, I find it so difficult to express what I mean. How do I even tell the parents of all the kids I’ve taught this year thank you for everything they’ve done for me and their children have done for me? These kids are part of my miracle. They’ve put a smile on a sick woman’s face more days than I can count. They’ve been the force that got me out of bed and off to work on days it would have been much easier to stay in bed. They’ve driven me to be stronger and more courageous than I even believed I could be. And their kindness and support will be treasured forever. I hope they all know that and their parents know even though my words probably didn’t say all that this morning during the awards ceremony. 

Tomorrow, I will attend school hatless for the first time since I left them in November. I promised I would. They promised not to laugh. They also promised to take pictures. God keeps teaching me lessons. Tomorrow’s lesson will be on vanity. I’m so self conscious. This will not be easy. Oh, but I promised and promises aren’t to be broken. I will miss these kids more than they’ll know, but I can’t wait to see who they all become. God has great plans for these kids. This I know. 

My two youngest sisters have both tested positive for the same BRAC2 mutated “cancer” gene that I have. My youngest sister, Roni, will have her first preventive surgery tomorrow. She is such a courageous warrior too. It’s not an easy decision to make to have a major surgery when you aren’t sick and nothing is currently wrong with what they are operating on. I’m thankful my sisters have options to try and prevent them from having cancer. I also know our God is good and all is in His hands. The human side of me still aches with them and hates they have to go through all they will go through. My younger sister, Tammy, will meet with her oncologist later in June. Please keep both of them and their families in your prayers. 

One of my former colleagues recently was diagnosed with breast cancer. My heart broke when I heard the news. Please keep her in your prayers as she begins her fight to beat this monster. 

I received some pretty awesome gifts in the mail. A guy from The Hate Project sent me a “Beast Mode” tag and an inspirational note. This group of people are truly amazing and have supported me for months through this journey. I only personally know a couple members, but I feel like I know so many more. Do Good! 

A friend I’ve known my entire life, Stacey, sent me a shirt she picked up at a firefighter’s convention. I love this shirt. The back has angel wings on it.  It carries so much meaning to me. 

Courage to Conquer Cancer is about to give back in a big way! We are so excited for this opportunity. Since I was diagnosed with cancer back in October, I’ve wanted to help others through this journey. Now, I never want to stop! Please pray over our project. God has opened many doors already, and we are so thankful!. I can’t praise Him enough for all He’s done for me and my family throughout all of this!

I’ve prayed for 8 months for God to care for and watch over my two youngest children throughout the school year. It’s not easy being a kid when all is right in your family. Knowing your mom has cancer, being fearful through her surgery, watching her get sick through chemo, crying with her as she lost her hair, and praying she wins the fight makes going to school every day a little bit tougher. My kids have been blessed to have some amazing teachers, coaches, and friends to get them through the rough and tough spots. They have maintained great grades, have stayed out of trouble, and have made this mom very proud! I’m so grateful for God’s protective watch over them. 

God has cared for us in so many ways. I’ve learned His timing and my timing are rarely the same, but that He’s always right on time with all He does for me. I’ve walked on faith and have learned it is much more complex than just belief. With faith has come a peace I can’t explain. God prepared me for this experience, and now He is preparing me for what’s next. Please keep us in your prayers as we are about to enter into the next chapters of this adventure. 

About courage2conquercancer

At the age of 40, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. This is an account of my journey from my discovery and beyond.
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1 Response to May 28, 2015: Thank You!

  1. Debb Stanton says:

    I am sorry I have not responded since you wrote me a beautiful comment on my blog. I just finished my cancer book yesterday (or at least, the first of three rounds), so now hopefully I can stay more in tune with everybody. I loved your post! It sounds like you believe what I do — both in God (I’ll continue to pray for you and your sisters and your friend who just received her diagnosis) and in knowing that it’s the people around us who lift us up — without them, we’d be way down in the trenches. I love the word “hope” too! 🙂 If there is anything I can do for you, please let me know. Thanks — Debb


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