June 4, 2015: Abraxane #10

The progressively worsening pain along my rib isn’t cancer. Instead, it’s a form of neuropathy caused by the removal of so many nerves during my mastectomy. It should start to get better about a month or so after my final chemo treatment. She’s putting me on more sports enhancing drugs. I guess I won’t be competing in any major sporting events for awhile. :))

June 18th, I will officially finish chemo! Beach party theme for the chemo party! (Afterwards, I’m running away to the beach…I might come back…maybe)

My oncologist says she’s pretty sure radiation will NOT be part of my future treatment plan. She still needs to verify this with the radiation doctor so there’s still a very small question mark, but odds are in my favor that radiation is a NO! Wahoo!!!

After my last chemo treatment, I get a month before I will go on long term medication. (Low dose chemo in pill form basically)

If all goes as planned, I could potentially have my second reconstruction surgery done the end of July and be all healed up before school starts. This would be a huge answer to prayer, so prayer warriors add this to your lists please. 

Right now, I feel yucky. I’ve already turned yellow. My family doesn’t like the yellow tint to my skin. I no longer fear it. It just means slow down and rest. I can do this.

About courage2conquercancer

At the age of 40, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. This is an account of my journey from my discovery and beyond.
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2 Responses to June 4, 2015: Abraxane #10

  1. metastasizeh0pe says:

    You will definitely be in my prayers. Always good to hear that things are going in the right direction.


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