July 30, 2015: Just Some Random Things

It’s been 27 days since my last surgery. I’m scheduled to get my stitches out this afternoon. Today, I actually looked at my surgeon’s stitching. I have to admit he did a great job staying in the lines of my other scar. I also noticed my stitches are blue. The last time I had blue stitches I was in the 8th grade after being bit by a dog. 

Tomorrow, I’m going to have this plantars wart on my foot looked at to see if we can do something to expedite its healing. It’s totally changed the way I have to walk and is hurting my alignment. I’m about to go back to work and be on my feet all day every day, so I have to get this healed up. 

I’m tapering down from my steroids again. So far, so good. 

My two younger sisters are getting closer to their preventive surgeries. They both tested positive for the BRAC 2 gene as well. Roni already had a preventive hysterectomy and will be scheduling her preventive mastectomy soon. Tammy is about to have her preventive hysterectomy. Please keep them both in your prayers. 

Kristi and I appreciate everyone who’s helped us get our Recovery Tees into the hands of people who need them. If you know a breast cancer navigator in your area please send them to our website, so we can get shirts to them as well. So far we have sent shirts to Kentucky, Tennessee, Texas, Ohio, Michigan, and Utah. Help us get shirts in your city and state too. If you would like to “gift” a shirt or make a donation to our nonprofit, please go here

About courage2conquercancer

At the age of 40, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. This is an account of my journey from my discovery and beyond.
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