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August 29, 2015: Restarting Reconstruction

In July, I lost my left expander to a staph infection, so yesterday my plastic surgeon, Dr. Rumalla went in to replace it so reconstruction of both my breasts can continue. He told us he removed everything from the old … Continue reading

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August 25, 2015: Progress is a Great Word

Progress is a great word. It means you’re moving and in a positive direction at that. Today, I went to the podiatrist to have the hole in my foot looked at. He had told me a healthy person heals in … Continue reading

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August 22, 2015: So Much Done, So Much Left to Do

Thursday, I went back to TX Oncology to get my port flushed. The lady at the front desk freaked me out a bit when she told me I could go on back for my treatment. I thought she meant another … Continue reading

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August 19, 2015: 2 Months Post Chemo

Two whole months have gone by since I sat in a chemo chair for treatment. Wow! It seems like those weeks went by much faster than any two months during treatment did. Here are some things I’ve noticed that have … Continue reading

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August 15, 2015: Unexpected Grief

Have you ever been doing something and come across pictures of someone who’s died and feel that overwhelming gush of grief? That was me today – only the picture was of me. I’m alive. I’m in remission. I have so … Continue reading

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August 9, 2015: Cancer & Remission

I’m an educator. It’s what I do for a living. I’m a literacy teacher to be more specific, so I spend a lot of time teaching kids about words. Words are often more than just their definitions. Some come with … Continue reading

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August 9, 2015: A Chance to Help Save Another From Cancer

Both my younger sisters and I all tested positive for the BRCA2 mutated gene know as one of the cancer genes. In an attempt to keep from ever getting cancer, they have both opted for preventive hysterectomies and double mastectomies. … Continue reading

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