August 4, 2015: Smiles

Today was an extremely frustrating day compounded by a shortened steroid dose as I try once again to taper down from the higher dose required during chemo. I could have spent my entire day exasperated by this huge inconvenience, which I almost did. I learned a simple tip during this entire cancer ordeal. I started counting smiles and if I can’t count any, I try to create some to count. 

My smile list:

  • There’s a wonderful woman who is a cashier at my local grocery store. Her voice, her eyes, her mannerism and her personality make me smile. In the midst of my frustration, I told her so and watched as her face lit up. She told me that was Jesus pouring out of her, and I told her I couldn’t agree more. I want to be more like her. 
  • My daughter’s mischievous smile after she stole my phone and made herself my background photo. 
  • My son’s patience during my annoyance. 
  • The sweetest text from one of my amazing friends. 
  • A conversation with my 90 year old grandpa to wish him a special day. I called to cheer him up and him just knowing my name and my husband’s name was a delight. But then he went on and on about how courteous and kind my son had been to him. Big smiles!
  • My daughter’s smile as she got out of the car and told me not to forget to pick her up tonight. Was she fearful I’d still be at the DPS building trying to get JT’s permit? I did!
  • My son realizing K’Lee was my background picture on my phone, so he changed my home picture to one of himself. That smile of satisfaction on his face and my thankful one because he didn’t replace hers with one of himself too. 
  • The smile in the sound of my husband’s voice as he told me he’d be home earlier than normal since he’d been at a site in Ft. Worth. 
  • After nearly 6 hours, the smile on my son’s face as he walked out the door with his permit and ask to drive home. 
  • And the smile on mine as I told him there wasn’t a chance!
  • The smile on his face once he was behind the wheel of a car and off into the very next important chapter in a young man’s life. Lots left to learn though – YIKES!!!!

Oh, how sweet each day of our lives are and what a difference a simple smile makes on a person’s no good very bad day!

Matthew 7:12


About courage2conquercancer

At the age of 40, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. This is an account of my journey from my discovery and beyond.
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