August 19, 2015: 2 Months Post Chemo

Two whole months have gone by since I sat in a chemo chair for treatment. Wow! It seems like those weeks went by much faster than any two months during treatment did. Here are some things I’ve noticed that have happened in the past two months. 

First of all, my hair has grown!  

 From this…. 

 to this AFTER a haircut even!

My eyebrows have grown back. My eyelashes are getting better, but are still very short. And I finally had to shave my armpits. I’m back to being on a normal shaving cycle. It would have been nice if all those hairs would have stayed dead. 

My skin hasn’t faired so well this last month. I’ve been told it’s just part of the process. I had to buy a $20 tub of cream. I think it’s working. 

I’ve had a few times over the course of the past two months where I just throw up for no reason. I have no idea what that’s all about though. 

One day, I got a bunch of chemo sores in my mouth, but they were all gone about three days later. Obviously, I did something that flushed out the toxins. 

I still wake up some mornings swollen. Toxic??? I just don’t know. 

I haven’t done as well drinking water with being back at work. I have to change all that and get back on task. I can tell a huge difference. Shame on me for not treating my body kindly. 

I really think my immune system is getting better though because the hole in my foot from having a plantars wart cut out is getting smaller and smaller which means it’s healing as it should. 

My hot flashes are so much better! Yay!!! Epsom salt baths might just be the cure for hot flashes. 

I’ve worked full days since last Thursday and haven’t felt like I might die when I get home. What a relief that has been!

All in all, I feel so much better than I did while undergoing chemo. I’m healing! 

Tomorrow, I’ll have my port flushed. Next week, I’ll have my expander put back in to replace the infected one that had to be removed in July. Life is good and getting better!

About courage2conquercancer

At the age of 40, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. This is an account of my journey from my discovery and beyond.
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2 Responses to August 19, 2015: 2 Months Post Chemo

  1. It’s one month after my last regular chemo. By the way your hair has grown after two month, looks like I don’t have to wear a wig by December šŸ™‚


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