August 22, 2015: So Much Done, So Much Left to Do

  • Thursday, I went back to TX Oncology to get my port flushed. The lady at the front desk freaked me out a bit when she told me I could go on back for my treatment. I thought she meant another round of chemo. I didn’t realize having your port flushed is called “a treatment”. My mind may never be the same. Anxiety is a real thing, and it’s not fun! It was nice to see all my infusion nurses again though. It took less than ten minutes to flush my port and wasn’t too big of a deal at all. It will be good to go for another 2 months now. 
  • I’ve already completed my pre-op with Dr. Rumalla. 
  • I’ve completed my pre-op with the hospital where I’ll have my surgery next Friday. 
  • My classroom is as done as it’s going to be before school starts. They lock that building up tight on the weekends around here.  
  • Meet-the-Teacher was a success and is in the books for another year. 
  • All my online training for the beginning of the year has been completed. 
  • I’ve attended all my professional development days. 

And then there are those things still looming over me:

  • Housework and laundry – God grant me energy and motivation I don’t currently have
  •  Back-to-School shopping. I just don’t like the size I am, so I just don’t want to even though I need to. I really wish I could just let that part go for a bit, but I can’t. 
  • Detailed lesson plans for my sub. This is hours and hours of work. Unless you’ve ever taught, you just can’t understand. We don’t get to just lock our doors and leave until we are we enough to come back, nor can we just walk out and expect someone to walz right in and take over where we left off. If just doesn’t work like that in teaching. 
  • Monday, we go back-to-school. That’s always an exhausting day for all of us. 
  • Tuesday, I have a follow up to check on my foot. I think it’s doing really well. I hope he agrees. 
  • I’m back to stress dosing steroids in preparation for surgery. Please pray for my family. They usually receive the brunt of the emotional mess caused by steroids. 
  • Thursday, my son will play in his first high school football game. That’s a big deal here in Texas. We are a little crazy about football season. 
  • Friday morning at 6AM, I’ll arrive at the hospital and have my expander put back into place. Please pray the surgery goes well, and this time I don’t get any type of infection. 

God has a plan, and it is good which means all of these undone things will be done as they need to be. 

About courage2conquercancer

At the age of 40, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. This is an account of my journey from my discovery and beyond.
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