November 6, 2015: My First Day as a Mom

My own flesh and blood got to be first today. I was at home to wake them up. No, they don’t need me to do that anymore, but I was there just in case. My son had to go to the cardiologist this morning. I didn’t watch the clock fretting about time. In fact, I sat in awe of a medical practitioner who spent over ninty minutes with JT and I. She sat on the table with him, asked him a million questions and typed out his answers, and complained about how someone who obviously wasn’t a doctor designed their software. Haha! I guess it happens everywhere, but an hour and a half one-on-one with a kid – Wow! Plus, we weren’t required to wait for agonizing days or weeks to find out that his heart is perfectly normal. But he wasn’t and she didn’t like that, so she sent us back to see our pediatrician. I didn’t have to check in with anyone. I didn’t have to scramble around to make things work. I wasn’t frustrated or worried about anything other than my own son and his situation. Instead, I was able to pick up my grandson, drop JT off at school, and go to the park to play for about an hour. Then back to the doctor where answers might have been as simple as a deep tissue bruise on his chest caused by the seatbelt, anxiety from his accident and medication taken at the wrong time of day. All normal things. All can be overcome. Whew! Feeling much better about things now. 

I went to the store and got real food to cook. Now, I’d love to tell y’all I’m a perfect wife and cooked dinner, but yeah, most of y’all know me well enough to know better. Jon cooked. It’s just better that way. 

Now, I’m awake waiting on my daughter to get home from a concert. It’s ok. If I need time to sleep extra tomorrow, Sunday, or even Monday, I can. Tonight I’m anxiously awaiting to hear the excitement in K’Lee’s voice as she tells me all about her first concert and making UIL One Act Play. 

Today was a beautiful reminder that it’s all going to be exactly what it needs to be. 

About courage2conquercancer

At the age of 40, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. This is an account of my journey from my discovery and beyond.
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1 Response to November 6, 2015: My First Day as a Mom

  1. Sandra Bane says:

    Praise God! So wonderful that you were able to be “you” today. Praying for the days ahead to be just as wonderful. Thankful for you son’s good report and a caring practitioner.

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