November 16, 2015: Uncovering Another Secret

Today, I went back to Texas Oncology to see my oncologist. This was my yearly check-up. This will be a part of my life for at least the next ten years. Thankfully, I really like my oncologist. 🙂

Here’s what I know:

  • My CT scan is stable. The black “spots” are still there, but they haven’t grown nor have they moved. I will have this done again in 6 months and then again 12 months after that. If the spots stay put and the same size, they will be considered my “normal” and blamed on growing up a country girl who ate grass & grain fed, unprocessed meat. Who knew?
  • My white blood count looks awesome! No signs of infection. No sign my body is fighting cancer either! Praise the Lord for this gift of great news. 
  • My tumor markers – all NEGATIVE! Another praise to be sang!
  • But my blood work did uncover a possible secret it was keeping that might explain my extreme fatigue. My iron level is right on the lowest side of normal, so I’ve been put on “watch” for it. My Vitamin D level is “in the toliet” as my doctor called it. She said normal is between 25-80. My number was 11. Oops! We are going to fix that, and hopefully I will stop feeling so fatigued soon. I’m looking forward to energy! My friend sent me this meme today. I feel it fitting. 
  • The other encouraging thing my doctor told me was anyone who expects me to be able to do all I once did should have to go through 18 rounds of chemo and undergo six surgeries in nine months. Basically, “Don’t judge what you wouldn’t ever want to do!” She said a year sabadical should be required after chemo and surgeries. Just as it takes time for our hair to grow back, it also takes time for us to heal. It could take 18 months after my last chemo before I find my new normal. This made me feel better. It’s nice to know it’s “okay” and it’s really “normal” to need time to heal. It also confirms time away from the biggest stressor and time consumer in my life truly is what I need in order to heal and keep cancer away. 
  • She agrees with my OBGYN that I need to move up my hysterectomy since I’m BRAC positive. She doesn’t like it, but she knows it’s needed to keep me safe. Ovarian cancer isn’t known as the “silent killer” for nothing. So, it looks like that will be coming in January. 
  • She won’t talk about taking my port out yet though. I go back on Thursday to have it flushed again. That means I’ll have to sit in a chemo chair again. If you’ve ever sat down in one of these chairs and watched as poison dripped into your veins in an attempt to save your life, you understand the apprehension accompanying each visit to that chair even when it’s for something as innocent as a port flush. 

I’m thankful for the mostly great report. I praise God and give Him the glory for the official “All Clear!” It’s also nice to know there’s a justified reason why I’m so fatigued. 

I understand that some can’t be patient. I still struggle with that myself, so I get it. But tonight, I’m thankful for the patience of my family. They know I can’t do it all right now but are so appreciative that all I now have to give is given to them. Well, I say that. They tried to fire me tonight for buying the wrong coffee creamer and the wrong snack food. Oh, and there’s no chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. I love this family of mine even when they drive me crazy!!!


About courage2conquercancer

At the age of 40, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. This is an account of my journey from my discovery and beyond.
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