December 17, 2015: Six Months After Chemo

It’s been about 6 months since my last chemo treatment. Yay! So how’s life going for me now? Not exactly how I had envisioned it to be honest. 

  • I’m more fatigued now than I was as I went through chemo. I’ve been told it’s normal. Guess what? It doesn’t seem normal. It doesn’t make sense to me at all. It’s extremely frustrating, especially as each new week becomes a bigger struggle than the week before. 
  • You would think 6 months later my daily pill intake would be less instead of more. Wrong again. In an attempt to fight fatigue with vitamins, I’m back taking a handful of pills every day. Not a fan of pills of any kind. 
  • I was told I needed to take a medical leave of absence. Wow! I survived the most major surgery I’d have to conquer and 18 rounds of chemo, BUT now after all that I needed a leave of absence from my job? Unbelievable! Not the way I planned this year to go at all! It hurt me in so many ways. 
  • Remission was such an exciting goal! I reached it on August 3rd. Praise the Lord. Not everyone gets to hear that word. I did! I’m so thankful. In spite of what’s come after, to know I’m in remission is still worth celebrating. It’s something people on the outside of cancer need educated on though. We don’t all get blessed with remission and become the instantly healthy people we once were. Don’t feel bad, I expected more out of myself too. That’s why it hurt so badly when I couldn’t be Superwoman. You’d think if you could survive all that I had, I could survive being a wife, mom and working a full time job again. It didn’t work out like that though. 
  • Since I finished chemo, I’ve had four surgical procedures. Three breast surgeries and a surgical procedure on my foot. In case you’re wondering, I’m really, really tired of being cut on. 
  • My blood counts are all normal. Yay! That’s a great thing. 
  • All my tumor markers – negative! Yay!
  • My spirit is down but not broken. I’m still fighting even though I’m in remission. My war is not over yet, but my army has become much smaller. 
  • 6 months ago, I really thought I’d be in a much different place than I am today. It’s been a very frustrating few months. I’ve struggled with anger in a way I never could have expected. I’ve been dealt bad news I didn’t expect and great news we all needed to hear! It’s been a roller coaster I’d rather not ever get on again. 
  • Hopefully, 6 months from now I’ll be in a much better place than I am now. I know I have a couple more surgeries to go, but I have to have faith better days are coming. 
  • If you believe in the power of prayer, my family could use some. We’ve been through a lot. We’ve got so much more to overcome. 
  • Psalm 23 gets me through many days. God is great. He’s been with me through it all. My faith says even in these days, His plan for my life is being done and it is good. For glory comes in the morning. (Hope)

Thank you. 

About courage2conquercancer

At the age of 40, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. This is an account of my journey from my discovery and beyond.
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