The Amazing Things of 2015

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve been following my story. I could look back on this year and cry you a river, but the truth is behind every painful memory is a joyful celebration. This post is a year of things worth celebrating!

  • I grew incredibly close to my family. 
  • I have unbelievable faith in God even when nothing goes as I think it should. 
  • I made friends with some people I never expected to be close to. 
  • Joy sometimes comes in the morning after the morning you thought it should come in. 
  • It’s okay to end a sentence with a preposition. A doctorate of English even said so. Which is a great thing because, well, I seem to do that a lot. 
  • Being bald was an amazing unexpected gift. I don’t know if I will ever be able to put into words all the blessing baldness brought, but here are a few: no shaving, no hair products, no fixing hair, no puking in hair, no hair to bother me when everything else was, being unique, feeling bold and courageous, and most of all knowing the chemo was doing its job. 
  • Being in remission!
  • Knowing at the end of the day if I’m ever left with nothing, I will have everything I need. 
  • Having parents willing to drive and stay in this crazy city just to make our lives a little easier. 
  • The support of so many, especially Cliff and Kristi and all The HATErs, who have helped me give back to others following in my footsteps with the start of Courage to Conquer Cancer and our Recovery Tees. 
  • My sister, Cindy’s, survivor jewelry coming soon. She helped me realize I was a survivor the day I made the choice to survive each day and every obstacle. It became all about the journey then. That’s how we were created to live this earthly life. Everyone’s ending is the same. It’s how we chose to survive each day between now and then that matters.
  • My two youngest sisters are my heroes. They sacrificed so much and have gone through a lot of pain to try and keep cancer out of their futures. 
  • The beach – yes, I was able to put my feet in the sand and the surf, listen to the waves crashing and see the sun fall and rise. A true picture of life. It’s a beautiful thing!
  • My grandson turned one, and I was there. 
  • My granddaughter was born, and I was there to hold her. 
  • I missed very few of my children’s events. What warriors they were through all of this. 
  • I had the backing of an amazing group of people at the school I worked at. Everyone came together and supported me in every way possible. It was such a wonderful gift. 
  • Through my brokenness, I’ve been restored. I’m not healthy by any means. I still have obstacles in front of me, but where I’ve been has prepared me well for where I’m going. 
  • God has always had a greater plan for my life than I could see or even imagine, and it is good!

May you all have a blessed and wonderful year in 2016!

About courage2conquercancer

At the age of 40, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. This is an account of my journey from my discovery and beyond.
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