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February 29, 2016: Resources for Breast Cancer Patients

“Help, I just found out I have breast cancer!” Finding out you have breast cancer is hard enough. Trying to figure out where to get information or how to get help when you need it added on top of dealing … Continue reading

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February 26, 2016: The Stories Behind These Scars

 Not many women get diagnosed with breast cancer and walk away without a single scar, but cancer and surgeries aren’t the stories those scars tell. The stories are much different, at least mine are.      The first story these scars … Continue reading

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February 24, 2016: All Those Scary Words!

When I go to the doctor, I often hear terms I don’t always know exactly what they mean. Some of them sound scary, but then I find out they really aren’t as scary as they initially sounded. Since October of … Continue reading

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February 8, 2016: The End Draws Nearer

The title is a bit deceiving and is still 100% truth. Each day that ends does truly draw me closer to the end of my life and you to yours. That’s the truth part. The deceiving side is I believe … Continue reading

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January 31, 2016: Taking a Step Back

Some times when I stand in the middle of something, I fail to see what’s really happening. I feel as though I’ve allowed myself to get caught up in the fingers of a massive tornado. I’ve been tossed about and … Continue reading

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