March 3, 2016: The Rollercoaster Ride 

From the unknown to a breast cancer diagnosis to a double mastectomy with reconstruction to a positive genetic mutation to chemo to complications to implants to a hysterectomy has been one gigantic rollercoaster ride. I love the picture above too because it shows both perspectives at the same time: the slow climb up and the frightening, out of control fall. A rollercoaster ride is the best analogy I have of all the extremes I have experienced. But something is changing . . .  

 Life as a survivor is starting to even out. I have multiple good days in a row now. I’m not fatigued every single day! Now, I only have a couple of bad days a week instead of a couple of good days. Progress!

This used to be my life. I hated it! I’m down to vitamins and a small dose of steroids. Progress!

  This was me. This still is me! This is a part of the battle that I’m still fighting. Learning to live without hormones isn’t fun nor is it easy. My poor family. 
I’m not running any 5K’s yet, but I’m back walking again after this last surgery. In 2 more weeks, I get to try jogging again. By the end of May, I should have a new 5K t-shirt from my first race in nearly two years. 

My team has remained my constant means of support. Love your family deeply. If your world comes crashing down around you, many will be there to rebuild for a little while but your family will be the ones there through all the mess. They have helped create the new beautiful me!

And through every high and low, curve and loop, tunnel of darkness or open brightness God has been there to walk beside me or carry me.  



About courage2conquercancer

At the age of 40, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. This is an account of my journey from my discovery and beyond.
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