May 9, 2016: Complications, Healing & Looking Forward

It’s been two weeks since my last surgery, and I’m healing but not without a small bit of complication. Some swelling caused one of my stitches to pop open prematurely. In most instances, this probably wouldn’t be that big of a deal. But because of the location of the stitch and my own situation, my flesh began oozing out of the opening. It truly is as disgusting as it sounds too. So back to the doctor I had to go to have it cut away, cleaned, and bandaged up. New antibiotics and prescription strength ointment and it should all be healed up soon. Healing is not for the impatient or the weak, nor is it for the doers in life. My doctor reminded me to do nothing for the next few days. I guess I need a good book to read or some great movies to watch. Any suggestions? đŸ™‚


In spite of this minor setback, today also represented a moment to look into the future and be assured that I really am in a better, healthier place today than I was a year ago. After being on medical leave for 7 months, I signed my contract for next year to return to teaching. There’s such joy in my heart! As difficult and time consuming of a job as teaching is, there’s something so rewarding about nurturing a child and watching them grow, improve and learn. There’s also something amazing about how all those little people change me and make me a better person. I do know that the person that left is a much different person than the one returning. I’ve been refined by fire, and I’m stronger than ever before. My priorities are realigned. My God rules my universe, and I know the difference between that which wants to be important and what truly is important. 


To all our prayer warriors who’ve blessed us for months, please keep our family in your prayers. There are many obstacles that seem to be in our near future, but we trust God has a way for us to navigate through them all. Also pray for Courage to Conquer Cancer. We would like to raise about $20,000-$25,000. If you have a gift in fundraising and would like to help us, please let us know. We are open to any and all ideas. Thank you. 

About courage2conquercancer

At the age of 40, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. This is an account of my journey from my discovery and beyond.
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2 Responses to May 9, 2016: Complications, Healing & Looking Forward

  1. Swoosieque says:

    Your comment, “Healing is not for the impatient or the weak, nor is it for the doers in life. My doctor reminded me to do nothing for the next few days,” really hit home for me in its simple truth. Healing requires rest, which is so difficult for those who are typically doing something. Rest, inactivity, does serve a purpose along with physical healing, it helps our minds and spirits focus on what is truly important, but, you already know this and wrote of it so very well.

    Blessings and prayers to you and yours.

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