August 17, 2016: Dear Self, Don’t Forget How Far You’ve Come!

Dear Self,


Your routine and schedule has been messed with yet again. Remember it’s because you’re healthy, and this is a huge step forward. You are pushing yourself past your limit every day. Wow! Isn’t it amazing that you are capable of doing this? Think about where you were just 18 months ago. 


You are still a wife and mom. Please don’t forget that. That man and those kids need you more than anyone or anything else. But you’re also a teacher, and teachers in August are all a little extreme. Do not define yourself by others. Don’t do that! You are an amazing, hard working, determined warrior, and you better never forget that! Remember why you do what you do. It’s not for anything more than to help children stretch, grow and become better than they were when they walked through your door. Never lose your focus. Those kids are living, breathing, emotional beings who need to know they are worthy, cared for, and loved just for being who they are. 


And Self, God hasn’t gone anywhere either. He’s right here beside you. No matter what this world throws at you, it will never be bigger than Him. Head up, chest out! (haha!) I have to laugh because I have a chest to puff out. See – look where you are compared to where you’ve been? Amazing!!!


See, it wasn’t that long ago when the disease was eating you alive. That’s no longer happening – CELEBRATE! Remember the pain? Yeah, this is nothing! This pain is the result of strenuous execise to build all those cut up and unused muscles back up. You are already so much more defined and stronger than you were just two months ago. Don’t stop! You’ll get back to where you used to be again and then, you’ll push yourself farther because you now know that your body and mind are much stronger than you ever even imagined them to be. Those sleepless nights and endless hours watching TV to dull the reality of the situation is a far cry from watching the athletes from your nation compete on the biggest world stage. Enjoy the pleasure of entertainment. 


Courage to Conquer Cancer and Courage Conquering Cancer are the positive results of a crummy situation. You are changing the lives of women who are also facing the gigantic cloud of fear you’ve already discovered also contains a rainbow. 


Self, don’t forget where you’ve been, so you can see just how far you’ve come!



About courage2conquercancer

At the age of 40, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. This is an account of my journey from my discovery and beyond.
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