November 9, 2016: Not About the Election

About 10 weeks or so ago, I went for a run in the darkness of morning well before dawn. Towards the end of a 22 minute jog, I felt like my right hip failed to engage. I nearly fell to the ground and found myself hobbling in pain back to my house. Once I was showered and dressed for work, I decided I would live and even though my hip was sore I was pretty sure I wasn’t broken. 


About 8-9 weeks later, the story had changed. Maybe I wasn’t broken, but I was pretty sure at this point I was injured. If this would have happened in say 2010-2012, I would have dropped in to see my chiropractor or primary doctor and moved on along. Instead, I stood frozen with anxiety. What had my oncologist said about hip pain and back pain that didn’t go away? What was it she said about headaches that got worse instead of better? Why were my bones hurting so badly I could barely walk in the morning? Did my cancer come back? Ugh!


This is not the life I want for myself. I do NOT want to live my life in constant fear that cancer is hanging back behind my right shoulder waiting to attack me – AGAIN! No!


So what did I do? Yep, I avoided all that pain and suffered through it. Just call me Stupidwoman! I did that with breast cancer. It didn’t turn out so well for me either. I finally listened to my aching body and made an appointment with an orthopedic. 


No cancer! Nothing broken! And by the way, it’s not really my hip afterall. Well, not really anyway. It’s that I injured my tendons and ligaments around the hip between the hip and the quad muscle. Because of that, my body was really a wreck. A twisted pelvis, a slightly turned hip, an angry static nerve, a displaced ribcage and collar bone and angry, angry muscles. 


So I went to a chiropractor who’s putting me back together and next week, I’ll start PT to build back the muscles cancer tried to destroy. And one day soon again, I’ll be back jogging in the darkness before the breaking of dawn. 


Cancer created anxiety destroyed again! Cancer doesn’t get to win!


About courage2conquercancer

At the age of 40, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. This is an account of my journey from my discovery and beyond.
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