In September 2014, I noticed a lump at the bottom of my left breast. I tried to make it be everything except what it was. On October 23, 2014, my worst fear became a reality. I had breast cancer! Only I wasn’t scared. God had granted me peace and courage that can only come from Him. On that day, I decided I wouldn’t be one of those women who hid in the shadows. God told me there was a purpose for all things, and He would bless me as I glorified His name through the storm. I began to share my story – the good, the bad, the sick, the hard days, the pain, the suffering, the healing process, the greatness, the glory, the love, the hope, the courage, the fight, and some day this will all become part of my survival story. God’s blessed me and many others just as He promised. God has a plan, and it is good!


2 Responses to About

  1. Brilliant blog. You are an inspiration, well done for having the courage to share it.
    God bless xx


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