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At the age of 40, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. This is an account of my journey from my discovery and beyond.

January 8, 2017: Check-up Day

It has been 27 months since I was diagnosed with cancer, and today, I heard those sweet words: “No Evidence of Disease” – YAY!!! I do need to move to the beach to replenish my Vitamin D though. Advertisements

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January 3, 2018:

Before you know you have cancer, they run test after test, which usually includes getting blood drawn. While you are fighting cancer just know you will become a pin cushion. You’ll get your blood drawn all the time. And then … Continue reading

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January 2, 2018: Fog, Light, Life

Can you see the fog? It comes in slowly Swallowing everyone It can make an entire city disappear And there it sits Wisps here and there But mostly covered It’s light yet heavy White yet dark And there it sits … Continue reading

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November 16, 2017: Three Years Post Mastectomy

About three years ago, I had a double mastectomy that would be quickly followed by 6 months of chemo and several breast surgeries to reconstruct my breasts. On the days leading up to a double mastectomy, I don’t remember having … Continue reading

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October 31, 2017: When October Ends . . .

When October ends, the pink ribbons will come down, the commercials will stop, and the feel good stories won’t air on your televisions; but breast cancer will still be looming. On November 1st, someone will be told they have breast … Continue reading

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October 22, 2017

This past week my class read the poem, The Road Not Taken. It had been a bit since I’d reflected on that work of poetry. We talked about how our choices create us into the people we become, so that’s … Continue reading

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June 18, 2017: What I Miss About Chemo

Today marks the 2nd year anniversary of my last chemo treatment. Eighteen days of my life were spent in a beige, leather recliner underneath a chemo pole. What could I possibly miss about the entire process? People! Yes, I miss … Continue reading

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