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April 8, 2016: But I Did It All Right

What if I did everything it said to do to prevent cancer? Would I be guaranteed to not get it? Currently, the answer is NO! Most products available today weren’t put on the market knowing they would cause harm. It’s … Continue reading

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March 23, 2016: Three Things Every Cancer Patient NeedsĀ 

Regardless of what type of cancer a person has, I’ve found we all really need three similar things. And we don’t just need these things at diagnosis. We need these things long term. Everyone can help even if you don’t … Continue reading

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January 8, 2015: The 5 Stages of Grief and Cancer

I know what you’re thinking, why would I be writing about the five stages of grief when I’m a cancer survivor and not dealing with the death of a loved one or even trying to prepare for my own death? … Continue reading

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September 2, 2014: From my Facebook Notes

   A little eerie time travel back one year ago today. 

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June 13, 2015: Not Quite Normal

Life hasn’t been what it was for months. It will never be again. I’ve come to accept this fact, and I’m perfectly okay with many of changes in my life. Lack of energy isn’t one of them though.  I went … Continue reading

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May 6. 2015: Finding That One Food That Isn’t Disgusting

This will be Jonathan after my treatment tomorrow. What “that food” will be is a mystery. It seems to change after each round of chemo.    

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April 18, 2015: Forever Changed

I’ll never be who I once was and that’s okay. It was just part of a bigger plan. Sometimes we must become broken in order to be healed from the inside out. Change is heartbreaking at times and hard to … Continue reading

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