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August 10, 2016: Because I Carry the BRAC2 Mutation

What happens if you have tested positive for the BRAC2 mutated gene? I’m still not sure I even know or understand all the repercussions of knowing I have this mutation. I can just write about what I know to be … Continue reading

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March 22, 2016: Six Weeks Post Hysterectomy 

I went in today expecting to be cleared by my OBGYN. That wasn’t the case. My internal incisions haven’t healed completely. My dissolvable stitches haven’t dissolved yet. Not exactly great news but not bad news either. My body is just … Continue reading

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February 24, 2016: All Those Scary Words!

When I go to the doctor, I often hear terms I don’t always know exactly what they mean. Some of them sound scary, but then I find out they really aren’t as scary as they initially sounded. Since October of … Continue reading

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February 8, 2016: The End Draws Nearer

The title is a bit deceiving and is still 100% truth. Each day that ends does truly draw me closer to the end of my life and you to yours. That’s the truth part. The deceiving side is I believe … Continue reading

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