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September 23-25, 2016: Why Nipple Reconstruction?

No breasts. No areoles. No nipples. A flat chest. Long, red scars. Loose skin. Tears. Fears. Brokenness. This was the beginning not the end.    Two years later, I can look at myself naked in front of a mirror and … Continue reading

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May 9, 2016: Complications, Healing & Looking Forward

It’s been two weeks since my last surgery, and I’m healing but not without a small bit of complication. Some swelling caused one of my stitches to pop open prematurely. In most instances, this probably wouldn’t be that big of … Continue reading

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January 10, 2016: About That Boob Job

Me: I have breast cancer.  Many Other People’s Reply: At least you get a free boob job out of the deal.    It’s NOT free! It’s not a boob job. It’s an amputation with prosthetics. There’s a HUGE difference!    … Continue reading

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December 5, 2015: Exchange Surgery

Yesterday, I took another step closer to completing my journey against breast cancer. My temporary breast expanders were replaced with permanent implants. I guess it’s fair to say I have boobies again! 😊   It’s my understanding that my surgery … Continue reading

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November 29, 2015: Thanksgiving in my Heart

   Last year I wasn’t able to travel for Thanksgiving. I had just come home from the hospital after my double mastectomy and had opted to start reconstruction at the same time instead. A year later, I went to my … Continue reading

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September 17, 2015: Another Day, Another Battle

I went back to my plastic surgeon this afternoon to have my drain taken out and to get another fill. I don’t normally look at the tools doctors use. If I don’t know, it can’t hurt me has seemed like … Continue reading

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August 29, 2015: Restarting Reconstruction

In July, I lost my left expander to a staph infection, so yesterday my plastic surgeon, Dr. Rumalla went in to replace it so reconstruction of both my breasts can continue. He told us he removed everything from the old … Continue reading

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August 3, 2015: All the News

Today, I met with my oncologist and I received the news every cancer patient can’t wait to hear: You are in remission! Woohoo!!! I can’t even explain the jubilation I felt. I can officially call myself a survivor! I wanted … Continue reading

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July 20, 2015: Some News

Amazing things have happened in the past two days with only a couple bumps in the road.  Courage Conquering Cancer (our nonprofit company) has raised enough money to gift over 500 Recovery Tees! That was our yearly goal. We couldn’t … Continue reading

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July 10, 2015: The Healing Power of a Pig

Today wasn’t really going my way. I hadn’t slept. My kidneys were hurting. I was waiting to see if my primary care physician could squeeze me into his busy day when my plastic surgeon’s office called and told me just … Continue reading

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